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We closed the call for participation on March 29. If you think your contribution should be considered for inclusion in program (or a satellite event in days before or after) you may contact us via email.

Call for Participation

The Scratch Conference is all about you and what you make out of it. We’re inviting you to share your stories, projects, joys and reflections. Expect to find a form to make your contribution soon and be sure to submit before March 15th 2017.


  • Workshop 60 minutes. Engage us in a hands-on computational activity.
  • Discussion 30 minutes. Suggest a topic and provide some starters. Make sure to leave at least 20 minutes for opening up the discussion with the audience.
  • Ignite talk You have 5 minutes. Blow us away! Maybe spark up interest in a self-organised follow-up session.
  • Talk You can go for short (10-20 minutes) or longer, but slots are limited.
  • Demo A demonstration is someting in between a talk and a workshop. There’s action, but attendees have more passive experience than with workshops.
  • Poster You get a table and a poster-board, and two hours of everybody browsing the stands.
  • Freestyle Anything that doesn’t fit in any of the other formats. Need more time? Have something we didn’t think about? Go ahead, stretch the rules, break them if you need to, surprise and inspire us!