Last minute changes

  1. Added to the session Orange talks: Gregoire Khatchadourian will be live reporting from the hackathon at CapScience
  2. Unfortunately, Evelyn Eastmond isn’t able to participate, we’ll have a surprise lecture at the opening reception. We wish Evelyn fast recovery.
  3. The announced large Tunisian teacher delegation can’t join us due to visa problems. From Tunisia, however, Adel Kassah and Dorsaf Benna will participate.
  4. Another invited speaker, Natalie Rusk, can’t make the trip due to some health issue. Get well soon, and we trust your fellow researchers will present us an inspiring keynote.
  5. Max Musau missed his flight and we’re out of funds to book him a new one
  6. The World’s Fastest Fractal Drawing Program!  and Programming the Internet (of things) with Snap! are planned in parallel Wednesday afternoon. As they share presenters at least one of them will be rescheduled.
  7. Andrew Czismadia unfortenotely can’t participate, meaning his talk will be withdrawn
  8. We have 6, not 5, workshop rooms. The sixth being I101, where the computers can be used with less linitations.