Zoe Philpott

Zoe Philpott is an award winning storyteller, and the creator of the one woman show Ada.Ada.Ada to celebrate the contribution of Lady Ada Lovelace to computer science. Zoe has over 20 years experience of storytelling, writing, producing and has produced a range of creative projects.

Zoe works to merge the worlds of art and science and her inspirational use of technology in the Ada.Ada.Ada show’s LED dress highlights the value and impact of technology in storytelling. Yet its not all about technology, her careful use of ‘unplugged’ activities ensures that the audience has an active role in the performance.

Through the Ada.Ada.Ada show Zoe aims to inspire everyone to engage with STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Maths) and innovation, whatever their age. The show ensures that Lady Ada Lovelace is better recognised as a trailblazer and role model for an industry that has long suffered from a gender imbalance.

Zoe has led and collaborated with others on many creative and inspirational projects successfully linking storytelling and theatrical performance with digital technologies. In between touring the world presenting the Ada.Ada.Ada show, she finds time to continues her work on the Gangland Karma project, gaming for social good.

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