Scratch2017BDX will be hosted in Bordeaux, a very old city in Southern France.

From wikipedia: Bordeaux is classified as a “City of Art and History”. The city is home to 362 historic monument (second only to Paris in France), with some buildings dating back to Roman times. Bordeaux has been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List as “an outstanding urban and architectural ensemble”.

Daytime conference activities will be in nearby Talence, a 20 minute tram or bike ride from downtown Bordeaux, at ENSEIRB-Matmeca. For the evenings and surrounding days activities are planned in several downtown venues. One of these is the beautiful re-purposed market hall at Marché des Douves. The building alone is worth a visit, and we hope to see it in use as a centre of community learning during the Scratch conference. Another is Cap Science, a pretty amazing city venue which will host us also.

For tourist information, visit Bordeaux Tourisme. Everything you need to find out will be listed here in several languages. Why not try out the virtual tour before you travel, or download the Bordeaux app? While you are in Bordeaux, the main office is on Cours 30 Juillet, and there is a su-office in the Gare de Bordeaux St Jean.

One item of interest that is difficult to miss – you will see it at the opening ceremony in Cap Science – is La Cité du Vin, who’s iconic building looms large, and will prove irresistible to lovers of wine (Allow several hours to do the visit justice). But wandering the city itself – on foot, by tram, by boat, or by bike – so full of history, may be enough for others.

Events listed in Bordeaux during ‘Scratch week’ (if you can take yourself away from us!) include Dansons sur les Quais outdoors at the river each evening, art and photography exhibitions, a Lego exhibition, a festival of light, a festival of colour, and an organ festival at the Cathedral – all of these, and more, are listed here.

Save your self some precious weight in your suitcase and knapsack – get a free free guidebook and map for you travel: the ‘Arrivals Guide’ website will send an instant email with a 22 page pdf concise guide attached, listing sights, restaurants, cafés, buildings and views to visit when you are in Bordeaux; it also has a very clear annotated map.
[ Here is our copy in English to share. bordeaux_en ]