Hello world!

You are invited to the 2017 Scratch conference in Bordeaux, 19 – 21st July 2017.  We’ll celebrate the 10th birthday of Scratch alongside the 50th birthday of the Scratch predecessor Logo.

The Scratch Conference is an opportunity to meet people, share ideas, be inspired and be inspiring. It is a global festival to celebrate creativity, enjoy discoveries, deepen understanding about Scratch and beyond.

We have a vision for what this third edition of Scratch will bring us, making us ready  and open for connections.

We’ll meet many members of the family who – building on the philosophy underpinning Scratch – came up with other great creations ranging from programming languages for fabric stitching, through music, to theatre.

Above all we’ll gather and tinker about with ideas of computing. Computing for learning, computing for life, computing for making us better humans, …